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MIDIBox is a MIDI controller system developed by Thorsten Klose. MIDIBox is a non-commercial project that consists of do it yourself electronics to handle the conversion of inputs like keys, pushbuttons and rotary encoders, pots, faders to MIDI messages. MIDIBox will also handle the conversion of MIDI messages to outputs like LEDs, motor fader drivers, etc. The user can etch and assemble the printed circuit boards or buy pre-etched boards and even entire parts kits from various sources. The MIDIBox operating system, MIOS, allows for the creation of a wide range of MIDI applications such as computer sequencer control surfaces, synthesizers and sequencers.

MIDIBox could be used to encode MIDI Key On/Off messages if additional switches could be added to a Hammond keyboard. It could also be used to develop a drawbar control system for use with clonewheels or software clonewheels like Native Instruments' B4.

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