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Linda Dachtyl- Hammond B3 organ Hammond Suzuki Artist

Linda is a performer, composer, and formally adjunct music instructor at Kenyon College and Ohio Wesleyan University. Her playing experience includes jazz, blues, rock, and classical music genres.

She holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance from Capital University and a Master of Arts in Percussion Pedagogy from The Ohio State University.

Linda’s LDB3 and Friends 2006 Chicken Coup Records release,”Blue Bop” has received very favorable local and national reviews and also charted for 6 weeks on in the summer of 2006.

Linda’s second release on Chicken Coup Records, “For Hep Cats” was released nationally on January 8, 2008 and achieved a chart position of No. 45 on the Top 100.

June 9. 2015, she released "A Late One" on Chicken Coup Records.

In addition to her B3 quartet, she is also the leader of the “QED” jazz piano trio that works frequently in the central Ohio area.

Linda will also take calls for B3, piano, keyboard, and drumset work in jazz, blues, and rock genres on a substitute basis.

Some other artists and organizations she has performed concerts or club dates with include:

Blue Lou Marini
Trudy Pitts
Gloria Coleman
Jim Alfredson and Organissimo
Gene Walker
Sean Carney
Teeny Tucker
Willie Pooch
Soul Satyr
The Johnny Mack Big Band
The Harry James Orchestra
The Benny Goodman Big Band
Honk, Wail, and Moan
Vaughn Wiester’s Famous Jazz Orchestra
The Rick Brunetto Big Band
Opera Columbus Orchestra
Central Ohio Symphony Orchestra
Columbus Light Opera
Wells Hills Orchestra
Pro Musica

Informal sit in sessions on B3 or piano with: Tony Monaco, Bobby Floyd, Lincoln Berry, the late Gene Ludwig, and the late Hank Marr.


"I KEEP BRAGGIN ALL ABOUT YOU TO ANYONE WHO PLAYS "KEYS:" and YOU ARE THE ONLY CDs except for JIMMY SMITH and McGRIFF in my TRUCK ~!! CANT GET ENUFF ".. Goldy ?McJohn, organist of the classic Steppenwolf band

"Put this spin on the "Hep" cycle and let it rotate, for it has the matchless signature that cleverly dispenses the art of cool rhythms. Linda Dachtyl and her jazz organ have orchestrated a tidy, little career of being one thing…unique! The style has this old-school fervor to its music sheets"

"Dachtyl extracts such elegance and smooth cool from her keys, the arrangements offer imaginative flair and are blurred from textbook regulations. For Hep Cats takes the blues mentality and injects the jazz feel properly with a charismatic approach." ...... ..."Dachtyl takes control on this spin and attaches a very pleasant and at times, naughty feel to it." Karl Stober

"In fact, we (Columbus, OH) may be the B3 capital of the world thanks to legendary figures like Don Patterson and Hank Marr—and to the B3 jockeys now playing at home and away, like Tony Monaco, Bobby Floyd and Linda Dachtyl... who counts Monaco and Marr among her major influences. Dachtyl began getting national attention with her release Blue Bop, but she can still be heard at area clubs like the Thirsty Ear and Dick’s Den." Lee Brown, The Other Paper, July 31, 2008

"Linda Dachtyl strikes appropriately blue moods on "For Hep Cats" (Chicken Coup Records), a fine album of smoky organ jazz recorded with Robert Kraut (guitar) and Gene Walker (tenor sax).

She kicks the pedals to push the jaunty "Tone Wheel Grease"; "Trouble" swings irrepressibly; Jimmy ?McGriff's "Turn Blue" is slow moving dynamite.

Three superior vocals round out the proceedings; Lady Nikki Scott's "Since I Fell For You" narrowly edges Larry Smith's "Little Red Rooster" and Columbus, Ohio singer Jazzmary on Nina Simone's "Do I Move You?"

Dachtyl has good chops and feel, and she adjusts her tones carefully to evoke elegance or grease as required. There is no sound more beautiful than a Hammond organ played well."..Tom Hyslop, Blues Revue Magazine, June/July 2008

"Linda takes us past the benches of those jazz organists who have influenced her through the years as well as those who have rocked her soul and put blues in her heart. Her sound is refreshing yet ‘old school’. It can be silky one moment and ferocious the next. One thing for sure, she gets right down to the nitty gritty from the first note on."

Pete Fallico, KCSM San Mateo & KUSP Santa Cruz,

.."The “LD” in LDB3 stands for Linda Dachtyl who continues the burnin’ B3 Columbus traditions set by Hank Marr, Don Patterson, and Tony Monaco." "Linda is superb in every department, on every track. Her solos soar, her unison playing is tight, her supporting fills like Baby Bear’s porridge – not too hot, not too cold, but just right!".. Fritz the Night Owl,

.. "LDB3 featuring Dachtyl, shows how comfortably the bluesy Hammond organ can coexist with contemporary jazz. On “Sudden Samba,” the keyboardist goes from silky accompaniment to grinding solos that blend elements of blues, R&B, and gospel."..

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