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Leslie Power Relays

These are little boxes used to daisy-chain two (or more) Leslies to a single organ. The power switch in a B-3 can not switch a lot of current --- the general recommendation is not to switch power for more than two tone cabinets through the organs power switch --- these power relays are the solution to that limitation.

Leslie Power Relay Kits & Assemblies

5A Power Relay is for six pin 117 VAC 60 HZ used on Leslie 6W amps with cable in & out such as the later 31W, 44W, 46W, 45, 47, 25 booster amp and the 22H. The 5A power relay has one 6 pin male and one 6 pin female connector. The unit is put in series with the out going cables.

5B Power Relay replaced the 5A power relay with the introduction of the 147 and 122 since these later six pin models do not have an out going cable port. The 5B is electrically the same as the 022202 power relay assembly found in the 034496 power relay kit. The 5B, 022202 or 034496 Kit, (which ever name you want to give it) can be used on 6W amps, Later 31W's on through the 247ís and 22H through the 222.

5C Power Relay is for six pin 117 VAC 60 HZ Leslie 6C amps with cable in and out, such as the Leslie 50C & 51C. The 5C power relay has a second tremolo relay, because there's no way to ensure matching AC MAINS supply polarity between the non polarized console line cord and the non polarized power relay line cord. The unit is put in series with the out going cables.

5D Power Relay replaced the 5C power relay with the introduction of the 251. The 5D power relay is also for six pin 117 VAC 60 HZ power. This unit is used on Leslie 251 and the 351, also 50C & 51C. 039099 Power Relay Kit is for six pin 220 VAC 50 HZ 6W or 6H amps models 22H and above. The kit has the 039107 Power Relay Assembly in it.

021709 Power Relay Kit is for nine pin 117 VAC 60 HZ Systems

103470 Power Relay Kit for nine pin 234 VAC models, it has the 103480 Power Relay Assembly. Finally the 047738 Power Relay for nine pin 234/250 systems.


1) None of the manuals I have, mention the 31H series 3 amp or the 21H amp for use with any power relay. So I excluded them in this presentation. Feel free to add to or correct any errors.

2) Observation. Power Relay Kits contain the Power Relay Assembly, Instructions and mounting screws. Power relays have no mounting ears on their assembly and mount directly to the input connector of the amplifier.

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