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Key combs are what keep the keys aligned laterally.

Worn key-combs result in excessive side-to-side slop in the action.


Replacement key-combs are tricky to come by. JerryWelch used to stock NOS key-combs, but reportedly his stock is depleted. (And they were pricy -- $35/comb.)

It has been rumored that JerryWelch now offers a key-comb refelting service: send him your old combs and he'll put new felts on them (for about $5 per comb).


HalfmoonElectronics just started offering a key comb re-felting service. No reports yet on how well that works.

?SteffanDiedrichsen reports that there are two outfits in Germany who will re-felt key-combs:

  1. MusikBertram has a key-comb exchange deal.
  2. MichaelAnsorge can re-felt your key-combs.

If you're that sort of person, you can pull the key-combs from an M-3 (or whatever) --- if you're lucky enough to find one with good combs...

Making Do

  1. It's been reported that you can extend the life of your key-combs be gently squeezing the rivets which hold the felts with a pair of vice-grips.

  2. Bob Hermann documents one refelting method involving using ribbon to pad the keys at

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