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Electrical Engineer in the Control and Instrumentation field. I have always appreciated the electromechanical design of the Hammond organ. I enjoy restoring my B-3 as much as I do playing it.

I have a B3, Leslie 122 and Hammond PR40 Tone Cabinet. I have restored it to the original tone and added improvements by replacing the tone generator capacitors, replacing aging components in the AO28 preamplifier, Leslie 122 amp including caps in the 800 Hz crossover, replacing the Leslie V21 driver with the new Hammond Ferro fluid driver, and adding selectable percussion to the B3. I have improved the reverberation by using a modified Hammond fluid reverberation system (for bass & lower midrange) together with a Trek II RV-1C reverb (for the upper midrange and treble). This gives a balanced reverb over the complete tone range of the B3.

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