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I was born in 1945 on a small farm in the northern part of Denmark. At the age of 8 I started playing the violin, my parents gave me one for Christmas. We lived far away from teaching facilities, there was no music-school at that time, so it was the help-youself method. At the age of 15 I saw the Danish guitarist Jorgen Ingmann play "Apache" on the television, - and I was hooked !!! I started playing guitar, learned very fast the principle of playing solos in all keys - only a few guitarplayers were able to do so at that time - - and after about one and half a year I joined my first band. As time went on I moved to town for college. I got in touch with a lot of other musicians, and I changed over to the electric bass, which during many years was my favourite instrument. I now and then still play both guitar and bass - only one at the time !!!!!!.

When I turned 50 I had a Roland FP-1 piano as a birthday-present, and I payed a lot of effort in learning to play. It came quite fast to a usable level, -after all it was a matter of tranferring the skills to a "new" instrument - -, and I then had a Pari-organ(XTOL) as a present from my younger brother, - he had it, but never played, maybe because the percussion was defective. I repaired it (I'm electronic engineer), but as described in the website here it came to en end. Then I had another Pari, the Attck, which also showed up to be defective, and at last I bought a Hammond M3, which I still have. They are quite rare here, so I bought it through an English dealer ( it has to be a 50 Hz version for Europe).

In my "bass-periode" I plaýed as a professionl musician during six years, but ended my career here as I had got a family, - - the musician's life doesn't cope well with family-life seen from a social aspect.

I now mainly play music at the hobbyist's level. --Henning Højen


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