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Musical sounds are made up of (among other things) harmonic and NonharmonicOvertones. The collection of overtones in a simple fraction-relationship (1/harmonic number) to a played pitch is called the harmonic series.

 Drawbar   Harmonic   Interval   Footage   Pitch based on C2 
 3   Fundamental   Unison   8'   C2 
 4   2nd Harmonic   Octave   4'   C3 
 5   3rd Harmonic   Twelfth   2 2/3'   G3 
 6   4th Harmonic   Fifteenth   2'   C4 
 7   5th Harmonic   Seventeenth   1 3/5'   E4 
 8   6th Harmonic   Nineteenth   1 1/3'   G4 
 10*   7th Harmonic   Flat Twenty-First   1 1/7'   B-flat4, but flat 
 9   8th Harmonic   Twenty-Second   1'   C5 
 10*   9th Harmonic   Twenty-Third   8/9'   D5 
 11*   10th Harmonic   Twenty-Fourth   4/5'   E5 
    11th Harmonic   Twenty-Fifth   8/11'   F5, but sharp 
 11*   12th Harmonic   Twenty-Sixth   2/3'   G5 
    13th Harmonic   Twenty-Seventh   8/13'   A5, but flat 
    14th Harmonic   Flat Twenty-Eighth   4/7'   B-flat5, but flat 
    15th Harmonic   Twenty-Eighth   8/15'   B5 
    16th Harmonic   Twenty-Ninth   1/2'   C6 

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