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Hammonds Can KILL You!

Hammond organs, Leslie amplifiers, and other tube equipment typically operate off of power supplies of a few hundred volts. These are potentially lethal voltages. (Even 110 volt AC line voltage can do you in.)*

Even after the equipment is turned off and unplugged, electrolytic capacitors can store a lethal charge for a period of minutes to hours. So, please, be very, very careful when poking around inside your Hammond or Leslie.

If you are not comfortable around electronics, perhaps you should leave such work to a qualified HammondTechnician.

You don't have to open them up to get zapped.

Most Leslies and Hammond ToneCabinets make the B+ supply voltage available on their connector pins (it is required by the older Hammond consoles). There can be lethal voltages on the B+ pin, even after the Leslie has been turned off. The pins are quite exposed both on the Leslie amp chasis, and at the organ end of the Leslie cable. So be careful when un/plugging and handling your Leslie.

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