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 * Linn Plug Virtual Instruments [Organ 3 |http://www.linplug.com/Instruments/instruments.htm] (Commercial) 
 * ORGANized Trio VST Plug-in (Free/Donationware) http://www.soundfonts.it/?a=read&b=13 
 * [Pocket Organ C3B3 |http://www.insideout.co.jp/PocketOrgan/] - Application for iPhone/iPod touch (Commercial) 
 * [setBfree |http://setbfree.org] - An updated version of Beatrix for more modern GNU/Linux distributions (GPL, Free) 
+* GG Audio [Blue3 |https://gg-audio.com] - (Commercial)  
 ! Discontinued Clones 
 * Korg BX-3 / CX-3 - The original 1980 design. Amazing "tonewheel" sound from square wave top octave generator and divider chains with dozens of audio filters to extract the sine waves! [Design information.|http://home.germany.net/100-235778/richy2001/circuit/cx3.htm] 
 * Yamaha Electone Analogue & Digital Organs. Analogue models from late 1960's featuring "drawbar like" sliders and built-in Leslie clone. Later digital versions used a menu and LCD with picture of drawbars and electronic effect for Leslie. 

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