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Revised method of generator mounting. - Dec 5, 1951

 Effective with B-2 console serial No. 41766, C-2 Console
 serial No. 42021 and RT-2 console serial No. 2275, a
 revised method will be used for holding down the generators
 during shipment.

 The new parts that will be used consist of a sleeve and washer
 assembly and a hex-headed machine screw. Upon receipt of
 the console at your store, the generator will be firmly anchored
 down. Upon setting up the console it will be neccessary that you
 perform thefollowing operations.

 1. With a 5/16" wrench remove the four machine screws
    which hold down the generator. Removal of these
    screws will release the sleeve and washer assembly.

 2. Turn the four sleeve and washer assemblies over so
    that the washers are down and replace the screws,
    tightening them securely.

 3. Be certain the console sits level so that the generator
    may be free to move in any directions. Failure to do
    this will cause noisy operation.


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