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  Frontier Capacitor
  PO Box 218
  Lehr, ND  58460

 or (for UPS)
  403 S. ~?McIntosh

 Toll free (877) 372-2341
       Ph: (701) 378-2341
      Fax: (701) 378-2551

 (Everett Hoard)


   Capacitor can rebuilding, now with rapid return of your rebuilt can.
   Any twist-lock can rebuilt for $30, up to four section. Maximum 450 volt at that price.
   Nut mounted cans $20 single section, for multi-section add $2 per section on nut mounted cans only.

   Shipping add $4 per order for Priority & insured shipping via PO.
   Rebuilt cans returned only after receipt of check, money order, or credit card info.
   Our guarantee on all rebuilt cans, 1 year.

   We will test any can for leakage and capacitance, at correct voltage, for $2.


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