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The ExternalSearchPlugin creates a form to query InterWikis or other internet sites.

Typical Usage

<?plugin ExternalSearch
         url="InterWiki or URL"
         name="button text"


Specify a wiki from the InterWikiMap or a url. Any text entered by the user will be appended to the search url. The string placeholder '%s' can be used to insert a search query into the url rather than appending it.
Text to display in the submit button. For InterWiki sites the default is the wiki name, for other urls the default is the text "External Search".
Specify the input area size. (default: 30 characters)
Don't really redirect to the external site, just print out the url that would be redirected to.


Perform a full-text search on ?MeatBall wiki:

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Search the PHP web site for a function name:

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Enter the name of a PHP function to view the documentation page:

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Enter any existing page name on PhpWiki to jump to that page:

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