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 The ~OrganMate Reverb Unit was developed and manufactured by [Electro Tone Corporation] in Santa Monica, CA during the 1960's. The unit was primarily used to provide Reverb to a Hammond Organ Signal prior to the output through the Leslie or Speaker Cabinet being used with the organ. Bob Schleicher of Electronic Instrument Service was one of the people involved with it's development. The unit consists of a Accutronics reverb tank attached to a small pre-amplifier, and is wired in-line with the signal coming from the 12BH7 tube and the tone control on AO-28 type Pre-Amplifiers used in -3 series Hammond Organs (1955-1974). The unit should be hung upside-down in the cabinet for the best results... 
-A web page is devoted to the ~OrganMate. It has not been updated in some time , but the information provided should be more than adequate for anyone working with, installing or repairing the ~OrganMate. The site contains a schematic, and installation instructions for the ~ OrganMate. As far as I know, this is the only website or location that describes the ~OrganMate in any detail :  
- http://www.geocities .com /OrganMate
+As of May 2016 , instructions for the installation of the OrganMate can be found here : http://www.musifix .nl /Web-data /Technical%20Docs/Organ%20Mate%20Reverb.pdf  
 [Electro Tone Corporation] also manufactured the [Electro Tone Mark II] and [Electro Tone Duet Sixteen] preset kits, which were primarily installed on M, M-2 and M-3 spinets that did not have factory presets and the [Electro Tone PER 200] percussion kit for pre-3 series Hammonds. 

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