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Originally from that great jazz organ town, Philadelphia, Eddie took his first jazz organ lesson from ?ShirleyScott and then studied with the great BigJohnPatton. Eddie relocated to Japan in 2003 where he plays nightly swinging jazz organ at _Eddie's Lounge_ which he opened in downtown Tokyo. ~?FixMe: _Eddie's Lounge_ closed at the end of 2005, and Eddie has returned to the US. Despite battles with authorities over the noise, the club continues to draw fans and musicians from all over Japan who come to sit-in and test their chops. Eddie was kind enough to send me sample recordings from a couple of these sessions. It was really bluesy, funky and swinging with the crowd a little noisy but clearly into it. If I ever find myself in Tokyo I will definitely stop by Eddie's Lounge. Eddie says~:

    My aim in opening Eddie's Lounge has been to spread a simple belief...
    that Jazz in its purest form should should be joyous, fun and exciting...
    that true Jazz should be built on a deep love and appreciation of culture and community,
    and be a celebration of this through the active participation in a great American art form.
    My aim has also been to revive and bring around the world the great hot,
    hard and swinging experience of the neighborhood Jazz organ bars that were once such a vital
    part of the urban American landscape in the '50s, '60s and '70s in towns like Philly, Newark and Atlantic City,
    and in doing so to create an artistic and social milieu with a strong spirit of 'family',
    friends, comradery... making our club welcoming and affordable to everyone (!)

His CD is avaiable at CD Baby:

PeteFallico of KUSP-FM, San Jose says: Eddie plays with a sincere and reverent nod to history and tradition. His appreciation for those who made their contributions and yet received minimal acknowledgment from the music industry, is revealed in this latest quest to perform the music he truly loves in life. Eddie feels that far too many organists lean toward Jimmy Smith and fail to understand the rambunctious and raucous swing style of those who preceded Jimmy. "Back in the day", says Eddie, "People were dancing with the Jazz they heard. I want my music to be fun and joyous like that...and this album leans towards this". Eddie feels that it's not just about show-off solos but also more about the feeling one can create...and the humanistic thrill Jazz Organ can elicit.

In addition to performing and recording, Eddie Landsberg has authored several instructional books and videos on jazz, gospel, and blues music and the Hammond B3 organ. More information on these, as well a lot of tips on playing the B3, can be found on Eddie's website:

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