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This dual manual 15 kg clone has been developed in Sweden by Clavia (Nord). This company has a long history in DSP modelling and have been selling instruments like the Nord Stage and Nord Lead etc. In 2007 they released the Nord C1 where they have tried to emulate all of the various components that make up the Hammond sound. The unit has electronic drawbars (to keep the cost down) and a very good Leslie simulation. In my opinion probably the best on the market.

The organ sounds really nice and the next generation C2 is to be released soon. Some of the improvements in the C2 will hopefully find its way to the C1.

As bang for bucks and weight goes there is nothing on the market today (2009-05-19) that touches the Nord C1 soundwise.

Visit Clavia's homepage for more info.

I use the Nord C1 in combination with at Leslie 110 and a Motion Sound X3 top when gigging.

I also have a Leslie 145 and this is when the Nord really shines.

This was written by FrederickSomerville who spent 7 years rebuilding an L100 and who is very happy (98.5 %) with the Nord.

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