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 # There are two ''white'' wires soldered to one of the dual-lugs on the ''resistor panel''. This is the left-most lug on my A-100's Resistor Panel. One of the ''white'' wires comes from the Percussion switch and one comes from the ''preset bundle''. Identify and unsolder the ''white'' wire that comes from the ''preset bundle'' (routed from behind the ''preset panel'') that is attached to a dual-lug on the ''resistor panel''. 
 # Solder the ''gray'' wire, removed in step 1, to the ''resistor panel'' at the point where the ''white'' wire was removed in the previous step. 
 # Solder the ''white'' wire, removed from the ''resistor panel'' in step 3, to the 9th drawbar. Splice a short length of wire to it if it's not long enough. 

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