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Cross-talk are those funny dirty or ghost tones you hear when playing your Hammond. A certain amount of cross-talk is normal --- in fact, it's responsible for the breathy tone which is part of the ?HammondSound --- but too much is sometimes too much. Here's some of things which might be causing trouble.

For an example of what (some kinds of) cross-talk sounds like, latch down two (or more) presets at once. Nasty! (But normal.)

Bad Grounds

Flaky grounds are the cause of all kinds of funny noises. Many recommend reflowing the solder on all the ground connections in the organ. Also check and tighten the ground connections at the PresetPanel.

Funny Shorts

Look at the PresetPanel for stray shorts. Check all the connections and make sure they're tight...

Dendrites in the Manuals

The growth of MetallicFuzz within the manuals can cause funny shorts. See ShortsInTheManual for more.

See also CausesOfHum.


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