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Brian Eastburn is a Hammond Organ enthusiast who enjoys researching, and repairing Hammond Organ Consoles, and anything Hammond-Related. He grew up in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area in Southern New Jersey... Brian has worked as a Sound/Electronics/Hammond Organ Technician with local bands and touring acts, and previously made a living in the Computer software industry for the many years. He currently works for an Entertainment company in Philadelphia as their Technical Director, and house sound and stage technician, and spends weekends working at private events for the company he works for.

Brian began his research and interest in the Hammond Organ in 2000 after receiving a Hammond S-6. He soon after purchased a M-3 that included a Leslie 825, then a 1945 Hammond CV with a Leslie 122 tone cabinet. After a few months, he was lucky enough to save a 1958 Hammond C3 from an unkind environment and a unknown fate. Since this time, he has been able to find many such organs. Through his research and love of the instruments he has done his best to pass his knowledge of the instrument to others, and encourage more and more people to use them, and maintain them to the utmost degree...

He has restored and refurbished several Leslie Cabinets, as well as repaired and maintained several Hammond Consoles... Brian's interests also include a passion for vintage synthesizers of all types, the Mattel Optigan (which he is still searching for), not to mention the other 1000 or so things that pique his interest. He can fix anything and everything through careful and meticulous troubleshooting, and his intense focus.

He can be reached at, and currently lives in the Philadelphia, PA Area...

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