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Submitted by BobSchleicher to the OriginalHammondLeslieFaq.

Looks and works like new or better. Original finish with no blemishes or sun fade. No apparent wear anywhere. This is the one the maid polished every day and the owner made you take your shoes off to play after you serviced it yearly.
Slight cabinet imperfections, but original finish. Minor touch-up O.K.. Works perfectly and well maintained.
Same appearance as excellent, but may need BusbarLubeJob, Scanner & other minor repairs. May have been professionally refinished.
Moderate cabinet defects which are repairable. Normal wear for it's age. No major problems with keyboards or generator.
This one has seen commercial service. Keyboards need key combs, upstop felts & BusbarLubeJob. Cabinet too far gone for restoration to good appearance. Organ is complete and has pedals and bench.
Major cabinet and mechanical defects. Not a practical restoration project. May or may not work, but is complete. This one was on the road for years, or killed in a church.
At least some useable parts. Good for training project. Probably has shot keyboards, frozen generator, bad scanner and missing parts.

With the increasing popularity of Hammonds, owners think they are all 24k gold. Fact is, it's easy to put more $$$ & time into a poor specimen than you will ever recover.

Buyer beware!!

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