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Most of the recordings on this list prominently feature the Hammond and show off some amazingly gifted musicians like JonLord, KeithEmerson, JimmySmith, etc. There a fair number of songs here in which the Hammond is a supporting instrument but so vital to the _sound_ of the recording it simply can't be ignored. Artists like Buddy Cole, Leroy Glover and Jimmy Greenspoon have contributed dazzlingly effective sounds from a Hammond that enhance rather than dominate these Hits. Tossed in here are also some recordings by artists definitely not known for playing an organ like Christine ~?McVie, John Paul Jones and Mark Farner. The point of this list is to showcase the instrument and its impact on modern music. Arguably, no other electric keyboard instrument has been as influential.

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Q: Can we take it for granted that Jean-Jaques Kravetz played a B-3 in both aforementioned recordings? At least at some live performances for German tv (Take Care of Illusion:, or How the Gipsy Was Born: respectively, and also, with Atlantis, in Days of Giving: he obviously played a (the same?) spinet.

A: Ultimately, unless an artist specifically states the _exact_ model he or she was using on a recording, it's difficult to know what was being played. While no Hammond sounds _exactly_ like any other Hammond, the console organs (B, C, A-100) differ only in the casework and should sound the same. The speakers and amps used on a recording, of course, can be wildly different (different Leslie models, Hammond cabinets, the A-100's internal speakers, miking styles, etc.) from one recording to the next. If you truly have a gifted ear you might be able to tell the difference between the full tonewheel/foldback set of the console organs from the missing tonewheels and foldback of the spinets (M, L, etc.). The latest clones are very, very good. So good, in fact, that a couple of the later Hammond Hits listed above _might_ actually be recorded on a clonewheel. In his early years in Spock's Beard, Ryo Okumoto clearly is playing a Hammond but the Hit I added above a few years ago sounds like it _might_ be a clone...

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